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Melancholy emotions
Tuesday. 2.24.09 10:11 am
Looking at the post the day before,
i feel like laughing at myself and scolding myself an idiot.
looking like a clown..

How things can change in just a few days.
i can't fathom the unpredictable human heart.

it was another stupid day going to camp.
i wasn't feeling well and wanted to get an mc
but i guess it was enough.
i've taken more than enough.
i wouldn't want more problems coming my way.

While i was on the bus,
i was staring out of the window with my earpiece in my ears playing
"Rule the world",
tears unexpectedly crept to my eyes.
unknowingly i was sobbing throughout my journey.
i don't think i'm sad.
i blame it on the air condition which was practically blasting cold air into my eyes,
or maybe i was really hurting from the raw pain in my heart
i guess the more you love the person the more pain you feel.

my pain is so intense that i feel so numb
i can't differentiate the pain from the saddness inside of me.
i finally experience the word "desvastation"

what was funny was the bus was fucking full..
the only empty seat was next to me
nobody dared to sit beside me.
i guess they were scared of me. hah!

Silly people. however on further thought i think i'm the silly one.
i feel a tad of disappointment.
i can't be that special someone to share your life with,
however i still sincerely wish the both of you happiness..

this song totally describe how i feel..

Goodbye and I choke
I try to walk away and I stumble
Though I try to hide it, it's clear
My world crumbles when you are not near

-------------We were just a dream.. ----------------------

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Monday. 2.23.09 10:12 am

Yesterday was my first time to Zirca
the place was kinda awesome and the music was fantastic
it reminds me of the club babylone in the show queer as folks
the interior was huge, it's comparable to the old powerhouse.
one word to describe it. SWEET!

before zirca it was a adventure of 4 to the night safari
it wasn't really an adventure since i used to work there.
i didn't wear my glasses and have partial night blindness
so everything looked the same.

there were a few funny incidents
at the crocodile enclosure, periodically there would be water gushing out of the bushes, it was meant for like making a natural environment for the crocs.
what was funny was this china national couple.
it goes like this..

woman to man : is it they are adding water?
man to woman : i think they are changing water..

Imran and me totally laughed our ass off..

Next funny happening was bimbotic.

we were walking pass the hyena enclosure and imran was trying to mimic the laughter of the hyena.
happen to have this group of girls who left before us and they heard imran's noise.

then this silly girl said to her group of friends..

eh eh.. did you hear that?
i think it's the hyena sound.

the group responded together..

eeyer.. omg so scary luh...

i don't know how to make it sound funny..
you have to be there to experience it yourself..

i'm so into this song. so catchy..

Kelly clarkson's new single <3

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Resurrection DEAD-BLOG
Friday. 2.20.09 11:25 pm
It's been quite sometime since i last blogged,
well commitments and laziness,
i would say laziness played a greater role. ha.
Lazy ME.. ROAR!

Recently over the last few weeks i was feeling freaking bored,
and so i thought of doing my tattoo..
i asked terry to help me do an appointment with Cindy.
I have this unseen guilt like a parasite stucked inside of me.
i can't seem to shake it off. Sigh
how come we used to be so close last time,
but now we seem to have lost our common topics
me having you by my side was enough.
we were self entertaining.
but now the distance between us now seems so far..

I sometime still reminsces all the good old days together.
some woulds would heal with time but there will still be scars.
i remember i told you if you were to ever hold back the tattoo gun,
i wanted a tattoo from you.
It marks a chapter in my life with you.
those were the best time of my life.

Now it's fulfilled.

Initial Stage.


Outline done.

Next appointment on Sunday.

Fucking pain as it is. it's all worth it.
You will always be remembered in my heart and mind.

Talking about pain.
today i went to national skin center for my medical appointment
went for injections again for my keloids.
now in army it kinds sucks not having a camera phone
i wanted to take pictures of my cool looking bandaged ears.

i was asked to blog about my happiness.

it's been quite some time i've been living like a living zombie,
not without a mind but without a heart.
it's because it has been captured by a special person.. My love.
We have known each other close to a year now.
i can only can my feeling from the first time i met you till now has changed tremendously.
i can only say i love you more and more each day.
it's funny how you can control my ups and downs.
just a simple sms to show you care, makes my day.
i can say over this period of time, we have been through many obstacles together.
we had our major, minor tiffs and misunderstanding, but we managed to tide across all of it.
what doesn't kill us will only make us stronger.
Which really make me cherish everything.
Our relationship is complicated, but nevertheless i'm still waiting for that special day to come.
if you ask me why do i love you so,
i've no explaination because my love for you is so profound and can't be easily put in words.

I'm struck by cupid's arrow and now i'm addicted to you.

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Can we Rule the world?
Saturday. 1.3.09 3:47 am
Take That - Rule The World

Yeah you and me we can ride on a star
If you stay with me girl
We can rule the world..
Yeah you and me we can light up the sky
If you stay by my side
We can rule the world..

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Friday. 1.2.09 7:36 am
On the day i was supposed to book in,
It was Tweetybird ROY's birthday


We went to some classy resturant at bugis
Dinner was Good, so was the ambience
I had STEAK! yummy steak..

Everybody was in red except for some, make me so angry i thought it was compulsory
'm not a red kind of person and i wore red!!!
i felt like i was a walking KIT KAT!
anyway thanks zhu for lending me the Red polo tee. (:


On new year first day i was suay enough..
i took a cab with little cash on me and intended to pay by nets back to camp
reach there the fucking cab has no reception with the don't know what fuck
i couldn't pay by nets and i was fucking late.. i wouldn't want to AWOL!
he wouldn't let me go and wanted to drive me to the nearest ATM..
some taxi drivers are such HEARTLESS people. GRR!

i'm losin it. -.-

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Saturday. 12.27.08 5:52 pm
All i want for christmas is you

It's a whooping long weekend for me..
in addition to the joy,


This year's christmas was quite a dull and boring one..
i had my countdown in a nasi lemak shop behind tantric..

we were supposed to go play and scream our lungs out when the clock strikes 12.
our plans were dashed when play had no guestlist. GRR!


Belated MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my friends and loves (:
Thanks for the presents and the well wishes..

Most importantly..

Many thanks to you love.
you made my CHRISTMAS.
thanks for accompanying me even though we were bored to death at my house. <3
words can't put across how much i appreciate your effort.

I'm munching on the famous amos cookies now and it taste exceptionally sweet.
URGHH! artifically sweeten by you. *diabetes*
Hope you like my present from me to you.

hope we can spend many more christmas together. <3


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